Princess Maker 6
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Autor:  Akane [ 15 lis 2010, o 13:39 ]
Temat:  Princess Maker 6

Staram się być na bieżąco z zagadnieniem, niestety wszystkie wieści, jakie do mnie trafiają, związane są ciągle z ogłoszeniem pracy nad grą. Nie wiem czy projekt upadł czy po prostu prace nad nim prowadzone są w tak wielkiej tajemnicy...

Autor:  XEN0N [ 16 lis 2010, o 01:57 ]
Temat:  Re: Princess Maker 6

Szczerze watpie zeby developerzy PM prowadzil otwarty dev diary.

Autor:  Akane [ 17 lis 2010, o 13:00 ]
Temat:  Re: Princess Maker 6

O piątce było dość głośno przed premierą, z tego co pamiętam. U KitKat dało się znaleźć nieco informacji w tym temacie. Z "PM 4" było zresztą podobnie.

Autor:  Bad Cat [ 31 sie 2011, o 11:35 ]
Temat:  Re: Princess Maker 6

Patrzcie, co BC znalazła! :duma:


<Exclusive> dijitalrik 'Princess Maker Online "Screenshots released

We pay well for the game as Fujitsu have seen what we're gonna (meonsan)

... "In addition, the user their eyes, nose, mouth, etc., depending on the personality of their various elements
Selection, you can set the character most closely resembles the original character with appearance
Sold through the next ahyitemsyap Is expected. "

Oh, that's fine with me. ... All right, all right, already, a new plan called our shot for item sales planning
What the hell is that first you're telling us something about memories, mate, and he told mwongmi doneopeumyeon to
"The character of memories" as their characters do not own ... Is that it?
Find the base of the shade of seedlings planted heocham ... this won.

No, before that version of the Original Series character, if gayinakseu another Unless (in fact, but not my taste).
Sister Princess Maker version so people who did not see anything in the memories ...

But the ending in disgrace MMORPG
Planning a novel is successful it will be the're going to shovel might say I'm more interested in = _ =
(Manrep take back to the concept of starting with a new family trip to Carrick?) Plus wpis na jeszcze innym blogu z wątlpiwościami itd :P
Already been published in the news a few days ago, but ...
Reported, which include: Are all the planning has been completed, and now that I work out of question to think doeeotdagoneun ...
So ... What's crazy is wondering ...
Where did that come from my daughter a child?
Delivered one by one we'd come to their subscribers (I think factory. This is why the near side of the dolls rather than human beings.)
Then, one daughter After all grown? (Daughter's daughter, continued to suggest?, No, you did not grow in real-time one?)
Maneulsu the number of subscribers with a large number of NPC would not have been, the streets all over the girls? (No, of Butler?)
All girls go to school, girls go to church, go to a duel girls, girls go to restaurants.
Seusyat just by looking at the existing public works and the UI is different somehow Questions came up, could use a lot of feeling are different.
Anyway, if we do not take it as a sense of original, does not it go a little more variety?
Prince + Princess Maker (by reducing the royalty maker), why men and women of simultaneous users, I think I can embrace ~
This allows the recaptured Princess (Prince), the rescue or something, scramble for the throne of noises, a ball or something ... Naturally lead Would?

What, you do not know anything personal experience is it, that already address these problems - and solve production and guess ~

But, of course,
Why Is that design series of the most hated!
Source: Blast again Princess Maker Online

Autor:  Akane [ 31 sie 2011, o 12:09 ]
Temat:  Re: Princess Maker 6

No to już się nie wykręcę od aktualizacji :D Ale to po powrocie z Aninite najpewniej ^^

Kawał dobrej roboty, BC! :*

Autor:  Ta. [ 31 sie 2011, o 13:05 ]
Temat:  Re: Princess Maker 6

Boże, jakie paskudne to dziecko :< Ta grafika w ogóle jakaś taka...

Niezależnie od tego, brawo, Marta :D Kurde, muszę przyspieszyć z kolekcjonowaniem endingów w PM5 :P

Autor:  Nemo [ 31 sie 2011, o 13:17 ]
Temat:  Re: Princess Maker 6

Mówiłem Ci że z tej gry coś będzie, a Ty mi nie wierzyłaś, paskudo jedna! :P

Autor:  Mika [ 31 sie 2011, o 18:55 ]
Temat:  Re: Princess Maker 6

.. To ma być córka z PM4? :szok:

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